My Love Story

So, this morning was a great morning at church. I normally love church, but there are some mornings that stand out as special. Today was one.

We were in the midst of the worship service, singing "Yahweh". When we came to "Ancient One, so amazing..." I was struck by something. HE has been here FOREVER. Forever. That's a big word. He is a big God! I was imagining the angels all gathered around Him, telling Him how great He is. We were thousands gathered today worshipping Him, bowed to Him.

I was remembering what it was like to be in junior high or high school with a crush on the super popular guy. We had 2 kinds at my school. We had the super popular, hot guy who never dated anyone. He was too good or had strict parents that wouldn't let him date or he was too serious about sports, grades, etc. Then we had the super popular, hot guy who would date lots of girls. I remember how special I felt when he finally looked my way. Too bad that's as good as it got. After that look came heartache...does he really like me? Was he using me? Does he like her more than me? A "relationship" with that guy never ended well. For any girl. I remember when Brad and I were first starting our relationship. He was that super popular, hot guy in my grown-up world. I remember the feeling when I realized he was looking at ME. That giddy feeling in my stomach. Really? Me?

So, today I'm struck with the realization that God is looking my way...and He always has been. Here is this amazing, huge, God who has been here forever. Who has angels and millions of people bowing to Him. How amazing is it that He wants my attention? He waits patiently for me to return my gaze to Him. Then He shows me His love and gives me gifts and helps make me a better person. What a great love story. This one never ends and only gets better with time...


  1. So beautifully said. He's our bridegroom and he's got that giddy feeling when he looks at us! HA! AMAZING!!

  2. Hi Andrea! What a lovely and beautiful thought. Thanks for sharing. It is truly amazing! :) Have a great day!


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