Girls' Dresser

I finally finished the dresser!! I had mentioned before that I scored this dresser at my BIL and SIL's house when they were moving.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a before pic while the drawers were still in. So, here it is in pieces!

This is what it looks like now.

Be still my heart.

I love the way it turned out!

I think I like this staging best, don't you?

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I finally scored a dresser for Emma! Brad had given me a budget of $20 for new dressers (what? I ain't scared of it!), one for Emma and one for Paige & Brooke to share. Weeell, I got a low, long dresser for Paige & Brooke when I was helping my BIL and SIL pack. For free. Same time I got this. So, today, finally, I found a dresser that was the right size and shape for Emma! For $20 on craigslist! I've been trying for a couple of months and everytime I call/email on one it's already gone. Well, this one wasn't! Woohoo for me!

I started priming Paige & Brooke's earlier this week. I can't wait to show you when it's done! Paige wanted it to be pink. Here are some pics for my "inspiration"...

Emma wants a blue one, which I think will look great.
Here are my inspiration pics...

Fun! I like projects!

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Emma's Headboard

I decided a couple of months ago that we should get a queen sized bed for Emma's room. This will make it so that we have a place for guests to stay when they visit (since almost our whole family is moving to Texas).

I was on the hunt for a headboard that I could refinish (in my price range!). I was at my BIL and SIL's house, helping them pack, and found that this was on it's way to Goodwill.

I snatched it up! It was exactly what I had been looking for AND it was free!
This is what it looks like now.

I loved the process of refinishing and rebeautifying (I know, I made that up) this piece. It was really fun!
I have a few more things I've been working on...I'll be sure to let you know when they're show worthy!

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There's No Place Like Home

I love being home! Everything is still in disarray, but at least it's home. I have that "just moved in" feeling. Everything is everywhere, but I'm so happy.

I stocked the pantry with groceries this morning and cleaned/organized the kitchen. Now I am sitting in my living room with the fireplace going.

I had planned to start painting today. The painter left several walls for me to do, but I don't have enough paint to finish. We decided to wait and buy more paint this weekend and I will be able to begin and finish in a couple of days next week.

I had also wanted to work on some furniture pieces, but I haven't gotten my spray gun yet. They will have to wait. More on that later.

Hope you're having a great Monday!



Good news:

We are home!

The kids have been playing (mostly) happily all afternoon.

It's snowing!

The paint colors look great. I LOVE the color in my bedroom. The one I thought was mint. No, it's not mint and it's gorg.

I am sitting on my couch in my living room with my husband watching the SuperBowl on my tv.

The not-so good news:

The house is kinda dusty. They did have a house cleaner come, and I'm sure she did a great job, but I think maybe there's still dust in the the air that's settling. Everything kinda smells and feels dusty. Not to mention the downstairs, which the housecleaner didn't touch, has a nice, thick layer of dust on every surface. Yuck.

All of my furniture and decor is out of place. Every little thing that was laying anywhere is now laying somewhere else. The furniture is all up against the walls. There are piles of stuff everywhere. I do think it's giving me a fresh perspective, though, and maybe the placement of things will end up better.

We are sick. B and I both woke up in the middle of the night last night (still at the hotel) and weren't feeling well. It's a stomach-yuckiness mixed with headache. Double yuck.

Well, back to *watching* the SuperBowl. Who's playing again?



I am so happy it's Friday.

I have 2 little sickies today, but at least it's Friday.

I hope C has a good day at school.

I wonder if we should get lunch and eat here, since we have sickies.

We (hopefully) only have 2 more sleeps until home!

I think my bedroom green might be mint. yikes.

I am going to paint to my heart's content on Monday.

I think I might get some fun snackies for SuperBowl night, even though it will only be us. BUT we will be home.

It's the weekend. In hotel terms, that means eating out, Friday night pay-per-view and lots of swimming.

My life is really great.

* you must think I'm crazy because of my mood swings. just keepin' it real, people. *


I'm So Over It

I wanna go home.

Maybe if I cry about it,

Maybe if I click my heels three times,

I can go home.

Or maybe I'll just keep being patient and counting my blessings, which are many...

But I still wanna go home.