Why I Love Being a Pastor's Wife at New Life Church: Reason #538

Brad and I love what we do. How amazing is it that his job is to love people and enable them in their gifts?

My job coincides with that, but a lot of it is behind the scenes. I've heard many pastor's wives talk about how hard it is to "live in a fishbowl" to "be on all the time" to "not be appreciated".

Here is my response: I do feel people watching me, but I have nothing to hide! I am genuine in my struggles and my triumphs. I am a Christian woman trying my best to follow the heart of God. With that comes flaws!

I am not "on" all the time! And I will admit it!

I do not look for appreciation from the people around me. Just as in my role as a wife and mother, I look to the Lord for my validation. I know that He sees me, and my struggles, and comforts me when I feel under appreciated. It is definitely nice when someone says thank you, but that is not what keeps me going!

I do have to say, however, that I think my "job" is easier than for some women. I don't feel a pressure to be perfect. I don't feel like the people around me hold me to a higher standard. Maybe they do and don't tell me!! Regardless, I never feel pressure from them. I feel love and acceptance and grace.
Here is the great thing: Brad and I LOVE the people we serve. The people of the NewLifeWorshipChoir are some of the most genuine, God-fearing, loving people I've ever met. Our hearts are knit with theirs and they have become our family.

Life brings many changes, but we have seen people come and go, marry and go to be with the Lord. We have seen them victorious and struggling. And, yes, they've seen many of the same things in us!

Last night we had our leadership team over to our house for a night of socializing, eating, praying and planning. We have an amazing team of people (did I say that already?).

Everyone brought food and what an amazing spread we had!

Brad spoke to us and encouraged us in our role in leading worship and being intercessors. Later, we broke up into our leadership groups and talked through some nuts-and-bolts of our responsibilities.
It was so great to be together and continue our mission in serving the people of New Life Church. My heart is full!


  1. Yes! Yes, yes, YES! You are authentic. (Have we talked about this before? It kind of rings a bell. Hee-hee.) When we look to God for our validation, we find freedom to be exactly who He made us... complete with all the ups and downs. And as we live in that freedom, others will be encouraged to live in it, too. You are this. YOU ARE THIS!!! I'm honored to call you friend. Hopefully soon I'll call you Goodwill-Shopping-Buddy, too. That day will come. =^)

  2. I was blog hopping today and came across your blog! Very inspiring post! You and your family are truly blessed...


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