A glimpse...

Ever wonder what life is like with 5 kids, ages 8 and under? If not, read no more.

**long post warning**

Yesterday was one of those challenging days...

Tuesdays are laundry/pick-up the house/homeschooling with Paige days. However, there were some chairs listed on craigslist that were perfect for a table I'm working on. They were aaaaallll the way down on Ft Carson, so I knew I couldn't get it all done. So I...

throw a load of laundry in, pack snacks and toys, and get on the road with the 3 littles (Paige, Brooke and Micah).

drive almost 45 minutes to arrive at the gate of Ft Carson where they take my id, registration, insurance and have me get out and open the hood and all the doors while they place a mirror underneath and check out the car. Scaaary! I know they are doing their jobs, and I definitely appreciate the security measures, but I am very intimidated. I feel like I'm at border-crossing in Mexico.

arrive at the apartment to get the chairs. The people aren't home. Call them. Then wait for them to come home. Load the chairs and get back on our way.

Arrive home. Fix lunch quickly, feed them and put Brooke and Micah down for naps. No homeschooling today.

Get texted from one of my friends (who we were with last weekend) asking if we're sick because they are. Text back, no, thankfully we're healthy!

Change into paint clothes. Paint for almost 2 hours.

Change into "mom" clothes. Load 3 littles into car.

Wait in carpool line. Get Emma.

Drive to McDonalds for ice cream.

Driving back to school. Micah throws up. Everywhere. Wait, aren't we healthy?

Pick up Caleb from school.

Get home. Give Micah a bath. Endure the amazing tantrum as I wash his hair.

Start dinner.

Micah throws up again.

Call B for back up.

Put Caleb in charge of dinner.

Clean up Micah's *mess*

Realize I am out of laundry detergent. NEED laundry detergent to clean up *mess*

Get everyone eating.

Micah throws up. Brad is home now, so he cleans the *mess*

Get Brad, Caleb, Emma, Paige out the door to Thorn rehearsal.

Sit in kitchen with 2 littles waiting for Micah to throw up again. He doesn't.

Set up playpen in our closet layered with sheets and trash bags. Set up noisemaker. Put Micah to bed.

Put Brooke to bed.

Bring stool-that-I'm-currently-painting into my room to distress.

Brooke in my room "can I wake up now?"

Put Brooke back to bed.

Finish distressing stool.

Get in bed for some Tivo.

Thorn crew comes home. Caleb and Paige to bed. Brad leaves for grocery store for needed laundry detergent. Emma coughing.

Vicks for Emma. Emma to bed.

Go to sleep.

Brad home. Forgot laundry detergent. Leaving again.

Go to sleep.

Wake up around 5:30am to someone throwing up. Realize Micah slept all night. Walk into living room where B slept on the the couch. Find Brooke sleeping on floor with "bucket". Find Paige and Brad in the bathroom taking care of *business*

Thank amazing husband for letting me sleep.

Pour coffee.

Start another day...


  1. Wow. I don't know how you do it! Hope your household gets healthy again soon.

  2. yikes! You've made it to today, though! :) I am impressed with 5 kids 8 and under that only on Thursdays you have laundry and major pick up. I find I am doing both of those things ALL the time...ugh!
    p.s. I love mom clothes. :)

  3. BTW, how'd the chairs look with the table?

  4. Brenna--I wish it was ONLY Tuesdays! I set aside Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings to do only housework--no running errands or working. And there are sooo many things that aren't getting done around here right now! Shanna--I think they're gonna be great. I have to strip them and repaint them...they're on the agenda for next week. I think I'm gonna do a bench with it too. Hoping it'll look good!

  5. You are super woman. Tim and I have 4 kids, but ours are spaced out with 2 little ones and 2 teens, so it's not as chaotic. I love reading your days and reading how human you really are. You inspire me and I love watching your business unfold. You are very talented and you will go very far with your talents. I can see your passion in your creations :)


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