Can I Be Honest?

I hope so...I hope those of you who have been around for a while (or know me in person) know that I don't beat around the bush, I'm not really into false pretenses and I'm all about being real.

So, allow me to be real...

I'm having a hard time with balance. I have all these things that I want to do...be a great wife & mom and run my own business along with my areas of ministry at church, which I would like to expand. I really like doing all those things, but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm not sure which area is overwhelming me and, obviously, there are some areas which are non-negotiable.

So, I am taking the week off of Laurel Haven and I am going to re-evaluate next week whether this is something I should be doing right now. I can't figure out if I need to manage my time better or if I need to put it on hold for now. What I do know is that my kids need my energy and attention. I don't want to expend so much energy toward running my business that I have nothing left for them. I will put all of these things on hold, indefinitely, if I feel that's what they need.

Any of you working moms (especially full-time mommy, working moms), I would love your input and advice about balancing it all.


  1. Honestly being a full time working mommy and full time student I am not sure how I do it. I think I put off school work til at night after I get Lucas to bed and as soon as I leave work I make my night all about Lucas and my boyfriend til I put Lucas to bed. Then whatever I need to get done gets done after that or on weekends lol.

  2. Andrea, I've been in this state for the past few weeks of weighing what I want to be involved in vs. what I feel I need to be involved in vs. what God is calling me to. So many good opportunities and so many places to be effective. But, where is God calling me and where am I going to be most effective? What I DO know is that there is rest, even amidst the craziness. We'll find it. Yes? I'm also discovering some of the things I thought "little" at first are actually huge. Both commitment-wise and effectiveness-wise. Oh, LORD! Help us BOTH!!!

  3. Having a business out of your home that you have created from the ground up is so much more different than you can be prepared for. The ownership can turn into an obligation to invest 100% of yourself.

    I have 2 in home jobs in addition to my kids, and it really took the better part of a year to get a handle on how I wanted it to be. Then, I evaluate my schedule every fall when school starts.

    It really is all about scheduling and balance. It's too easy to work and work and work and work without any idea of how much time and energy you are putting into a project.

    I had to put limits on my time and come up with a workable schedule, just like a normal "8-5" job. Only mine is organized a little bit differently. I take full advantage of the time I have and only work 4 days a week. THAT IS IT. No exceptions. I have 2 days off for my family, and then Sunday is Sunday.

    Don't give up. I love your work, and am looking for the perfect piece for you to re-do. :) If you ever want to talk, let me know.

  4. I learned one really important thing when I was working so much at Aerials when my kids were young...be in the moment. I learned to focus on whatever it was I was doing at the time I was doing it. However, easier said than done...when I was working I wanted to be with my kids and when I was with my kids I thought I should be working. Once I learned how to be in the moment I de-stressed and really enjoyed it all. I also really believe that as women, we can have it all, just not at the same time...and that's ok. God willing, we have a long life to fit it all in.

    My kids (now 26 & 28) also now tell me that although they know I felt guilty about working, they never felt deprived of time with me and were proud of all that I did.

  5. This is neither here or there with the balance thing.... but you look really cute in the first pic.
    I think we all want to be everything (wife, mommy, person of our dreams(career), and minister/outreach). I have my own desires that I say I will work on when the youngest enters school. I make my plans, and then try to be aware enough to know if God is changing them. Best of luck on finding out what is the priority for 'now'! :)


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