Candlestick Transformation

I'm working on my tablescape for Thanksgiving...I have a great tablecloth that I'm excited to use. It's kind of busy, so I'm wanting more simple items for the centerpiece and place settings.

I found these candlesticks for $1.50 each at goodwill the other day.

I liked the shape and the height, but they were not the color I was going for.
I brought them home and went to work.
I started by spraying them with some nickel-colored spray paint I found in the garage.

Then, I created a glaze by watering-down some black paint I already had. I painted it on,

then wiped it off to bring down the shine and get the "older" look I wanted. Here, you can see one candlestick finished next to the shinier one.

Here is the end result!

Easy, quick, "new" candlesticks for $3 and an hour (including drying) of time!


  1. Love them! The black overlay makes a world of difference too..great job!


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