To Give...and Keep Giving

We had a great Christmas. We decided to play it low key. Simple decorations. Simple food.

Lots of family. And laughs. And rest.

Another thing that we were intentional about this year was giving. I prayed for the Lord to give us some ways to give. And He did. He gave us opportunities to give in ways we hadn't before. He gave us opportunities to give in ways that made me uncomfortable.

But I gave in to it. And I experienced true joy in a way I haven't before.

And I thought that was it.

Until last night.

Last night I received an email explaining how a situation has taken an unexpected turn. A situation that was not ideal to start has become more fragile.

And I want to help. I want to make it better.

And I can't. But I know WHO can.

And she is asking for prayer. She is reaching out in a way that she may not have a week ago.

She is vulnerable and hurting.

And I know Someone who heals. And holds. And brings peace.

I put myself out there and I thought I was done (though I hesitantly asked for more opportunity).

And this is where true giving begins.

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