What My Calendar Says

I sat down earlier this week to transfer all of my important-to-remember days (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) from my 2010 calendar to my new one.

As I was looking back on January, February, March...I found myself a little teary.

Those days were quite busy (as most are), but they were busy with "Ethan and Owen over", "lunch with Aimee and Maria", "Ross and Aimee leave", "Brent and Maria leave". Ugh.

For those of you who are somewhat new around here, or don't know me "in real life"...those are the names of our family members who moved away earlier this year. It was very hard, and still is on some days.

Then, as I moved to May, June, July...I was smiling.

Those days were "Last day of school", "Elitch's", "11-mile canyon". Ahhh.

Our summer was fun. And busy (of course). But really fun.

Then, as I looked through October, November...my heart was full and happy.

They listed "extra choir rehearsal", "album recording", "leave for California to visit Grandma and Grandpa". Then, "surgery" and "surgery recovery".

Those days were full of ministry. Of God doing His work through us and through all these amazing people involved in ministry with us.

Then it was my surgery and learning to accept help from those around us. Learning to slow down a bit. Taking time to rest and love and appreciate this life I get to live.

As I wrapped up my "dates transfer", I found myself emotional and a bit sad at the thought of saying goodbye to 2010. It was a year of such growth and love and new experiences. I am so thankful.

As I prepared myself to look ahead, I realized it's not the dates or the events that I was missing. It's the people. It's the relationships that I am thankful for.

And they are still present now! They don't necessarily look the same as they did last year. But that is life. Change and growth. And choosing to look ahead instead of back. I am choosing to take the lessons learned, the relationships that were strenghtened and the blessings enjoyed and use those things to move forward.

I AM looking foward to this year...and all the lessons I will learn, the relationships that will be strengthened, the blessings we will enjoy and all the great things I know God has in store!! Happy New Year!


  1. Wow! You still use a paper calendar? I guess that the benefit of that is you do get to review the year when transferring things. Not quite the same when google or iCal does it for you! :)

  2. The funny thing is that I (for the first time) was transferring it all to my phone! I have used a large, family calendar in the past. I like having the phone with me all the time, but I think I'm going to need a paper one for family things. I guess I'm old fashioned that way--I like to be able to "see" it all :)


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