Desire {Uganda Memories}

aka "Desiah"

The first time I saw this adorable little boy, he was furiously banging a broken stapler with a rock, trying to make it stick together as a make-shift truck. He reminded me so much of my little Micah...I was instantly drawn to him.

When he looked up at me, I bent down and opened my arms to him. He smiled big and ran to me. He motioned that he wanted to see a tree. I took him over and he began to giggle nervously. Before I knew it, he was slapping me...half laughing. I started laughing too and then decided to let him down when it started to hurt! It was such a strange interaction...but he definitely left an impression on me!

I saw him the next day standing next to a car. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I started chasing him around the car...

We were pretty attached after that.

I tried to see him every day. In a way, it was soothing for me to hold him and play with him. I was missing my kids and he was one of the only young-enough-to-be-held kids at the orphanage.

He followed me around as I did work around the orphanage, painting mostly. I gave him a ball and a silly band. One day, I brought a couple of empty water bottles out to the school yard so he and his friend could play with the sand.

I would go home very dirty and dusty most nights, from having held him on my lap. He liked to play with my braids and he would cry when I left.

His situation is unique...his "house mom" is also his birth mom. This fact helped me resist the temptation to stick him in my suitcase. I sure thought about it though! (kidding!...kinda) He's just so cute!

My last night there, I held him in my lap and shared popcorn with him. I left him at his house with half a bag, so he was all smiles. I smiled back, even though my heart was aching.

Since I've been home, I've seen pictures from some of the other teams (our team partnered with a team of doctors) and many include him. He is such a cute, fun, energetic boy. I know I'm not the only one who thought he was pretty great!

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  1. Love :)...I may be your most popular commenter through these Uganda updates...I have such a heart for children and particularly for Africa...it's easy to read :)


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