Transition :: A Letter From Us

Dear Friends and New Life Church Family, 

As many of you may know, Pastor Brady and I have been talking and praying about a transition in the Worship Department of New Life Church for several months.  The process and journey have been challenging at times, but we know that the Lord has been with us in the process and that He continues to remain faithful.  While the entire picture wasn’t clear at the beginning, we knew that a transition was coming and that Jon Egan and I would be changing roles.  As we have moved closer to the time of this transition, we know the Lord has spoken and given direction to the things that we've been praying about, for which we are very grateful. 

I wanted to let you know that in the Lord's speaking and giving clarity, my family and I will be moving to West Palm Beach, FL to step into the role of Worship Pastors at Christ Fellowship.  It is a wonderful congregation founded by friends Pastors Tom and Donna Mullins and led by their son and daughter-in-law, Lead Pastors Todd and Julie Mullins.  I’ve known the Mullins for about 20 years now and we are excited to join them and the Christ Fellowship family. 

The timeline for this transition is August 1.  Jon Egan will step into the role of Executive Worship Pastor at New Life Church and I will step into my new role as Worship Pastor at Christ Fellowship.  With that timeline quickly approaching, our last Sunday at New Life Church will be July 14.  We are, of course, very sad to leave our New Life family after serving for so many years, but we look forward to the good plans God has for us, and New Life Church.  It has been our joy to serve and we thank God for all of you that we have enjoyed relationship with over the last almost 17 years.  We will always be family. 

The kids are doing well and are excited about our upcoming move, but every once in a while have some concerns about new friends and new schools, etc., which is understandable.  We know that the Lord will take care of them and we appreciate your prayers for them especially as we make this transition. 

We know we won’t be able to say goodbye to everyone personally, but wanted you to know our timeline so that we might be able to catch many of you at church on our last Sunday. 

We love you all. 

The Parsleys 
Brad & Andrea 
Caleb, Emma, Paige, Brooke & Micah


  1. Your kids are super fun, smart and will make friends quickly. + Once they start going to the beach regularly, it's going to be a nice change and joy for them. Keepin' them in my prayers. And you guys too: So go and be awesome. :D ~Love Ash

  2. Blessings to you and your sweet family on the move. We went to your wedding on New Year's Eve 1999, and have watched your family blossom! We are good friends with your folks, Lee and Buddy Gilmore, and know that although they no doubt support you in the move, they will sorely miss you and those grand babies. But God will keep you close to their hearts. God's best to you all!
    David and Debi Schrag

  3. We are sorry to see you go but overjoyed at what God is doing in your lives. You are blessed and you have been a blessing to us. Favor and God's best precede you.
    Curtis and Lorie Phillips

  4. Colorado is going to miss the Parsley's. Thank you for your years of service and faithfulness to God's call in reaching the people of the Centennial State. You Guys are awesome and will be missed.

    Pastor Wayne Hanson
    Summit Church of Castle Rock

  5. Your family is such a blessing to all who have the privilege to know you! Florida is so blessed to have you now! Your kids will be in our prayers and I have no doubt they will do awesome :-) We will miss seeing your faces around here. Thank you so much for your passionate and dedicated service to all of us and how accessible and genuine you are to every person you come across. We will miss you! Much love always, The Stephens Family Gil, Lisa, Taylor, Rachel and Maddie


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