I love...

summer. The warmth of the air, splashing in the pool, the deep green of the trees, the flowers in my garden, sleeping in, staying up late, long days of sunshine.

a good book.

Micah. The pudginess of his hands, the way he gets giddy when he sees me, how he speed-crawls with his head down, watching him learn new words and observe the world around him. I love all my kids, but he's just at an irresistible stage right now.

my Bible. It's like a dip in the pool after being hot, a nap when I'm so sleepy, a big hug right when I need it. It refreshes and inspires and bring peace to the craziness around me.

my dining room. Chocolate brown walls and bright white crown molding. Sheer curtains that blow in the breeze.

waking up early to a quiet house.

watching my kids learn.

vacation. I really could take one every month and be happy. Until my next one, I'll be planning and dreaming.

my husband. He is the perfect balance to me.

the anticipation of autumn. School supplies and uniforms, activity planning, the crisp air, planning holidays (and 3 birthdays around here). The fresh start to a new school year.

my life. It's pretty great :)


  1. All great things to love. This made me smile. :)

  2. This was a great post. I loved reading it. :)


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