The Last Week

Hello, blogging world...I've been a bit disconnected the last week. There are several reasons for this...

I painted last week. After 6 different colors went on the wall, Brad and I finally agreed on a color for his new office. We had a hard time because we are not vanilla, neutral people. We know, however, that we will probably sell this house sometime within the next 3-4 years, so we didn't want to do a bold color that we'd have to re-do later. We were also trying to find a color that we could do in every room of the house, that was neutral, but not white. So, we decided on a color called "Natural." Here was the room before as Micah's nursery:

Here it is this week, set up for Brad's parents to come visit:

I'll show you more when we get his office furniture in, after our visit with his parents :)

So, I finished that Friday morning.

Friday night, Brad and I went to dinner with Pastor Rick Bezet. I had met him a couple of other times, but had never had any lengthy discussions with him. We went to Ted's Montana Grill (one of my favs) and had great conversation. That man is a real pastor. His passion for people and what he's doing in Arkansas was evident and we just really enjoyed our time with him.

We had just dropped him at his hotel when we got a call from our babysitter saying Brooke had thrown up. Seriously? Didn't we just do that? So, we rushed home and I spent the next 2 days taking care of my sweet baby.

Sunday night, we had a leadership meeting with our NewLifeWorshipChoir peeps. It was great to see everyone after our summer hiatus, and everyone is so excited about starting back up again. Their energy is contagious and I am so excited for what God has in store for this choir season! Good things to come!

Monday came and I began sorting toys with the kids and cleaning their rooms. How do we accumulate so much stuff? We gathered 2 large trash bags each of things to sell and trash. I then rearranged our rec room and cleaned it. Still not settled on the configuration, but I'll be better able to tell after we move Brad's office stuff out. Pics to come on that.

So, here I am today. I am slowly getting my bearings after such an odd week. I have been doing laundry all day (can you imagine the amount of laundry??) and we had several extra kids here today. Does life ever slow down?

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