I'm So Over It

I wanna go home.

Maybe if I cry about it,

Maybe if I click my heels three times,

I can go home.

Or maybe I'll just keep being patient and counting my blessings, which are many...

But I still wanna go home.


  1. Seriously. Come to my house tomorrow at 10am. Just come. I know you're busy. But, if you're clear at that time, just come. It will do you good.

    And, let me know as SOON as you know when you're going to be back in your house. Mmmkay?

  2. Jennifer HamrickThu Feb 04, 05:39:00 AM

    You remind me of how I felt when we moved to Germany. We were in about 7 hotels over a month and a half... I was ready, too, and I didn't have such little ones!


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