Antique Dresser {reinvented}

A few weeks ago, we had some friends visiting from out of town. They came to bring their daughter to the New Life School of Worship.

While they were here, they found this dresser.

They thought it might have potential for their daughter's apartment. I agreed! Then, I made a silly mistake. I knew they were leaving the next day so I said "I think I can finish it tonight so you can see it before you leave."
What was I thinking? Well, I have not had a ton of experience stripping paint. I just had no idea how much work it was going to be. It had 3 coats of oil-based paint on it, plus the original stain underneath.

Needless to say, I didn't finish it that night! Thankfully they were very patient with me and didn't fault me for my over-promise. My "team" (that would be me, my husband and my mom) worked on it for 3 days and finally got it down to the bare wood. It looked like a new dresser!

I put a coat of stain on and let it sit for a day. Then, the next morning, I fell off a horse. I was on my back for 3 days. Then we went to the retreat. Then we went to Austin. So, finally this week I got her done. And here she is!

I didn't forget the hardware...my client is going to install some antique pulls herself

The transformation is so stunning (if I do say so myself)! I just can't believe what she came from!
Once again, the before

And the after!


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  1. OMG ! Its beautiful...great job !!!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! I've stripped a couple dressers and it is HARD work! What a payoff, this is gorgeous!

  3. You inspire me so much!! I am always finding cool pieces at thrift stores, but I don't buy them because I really wouldn't know where to start. Was it just trial and error for you? How did you get started?:)

  4. Wow!!! This is amazing. Beautiful job... and thanks for linking up. I can't wait to look around your blog a little. I love the title of your blog!


  5. WOW!!! It looks ten times better!

    I hope you can stop by this Sunday to my Show Off Sunday Party. I would love for you to share your project with my followers. :)


  6. That is beautiful! What a great transformation!

  7. Wow, I'm impressed so impressed that I'm gonna have to start following you! I've worked with a piece that had several layers as well, but never even attempted to get it down to the bare wood! Congratulations, that is a major achievement :)

  8. You did a wonderful job! It's gorgeous!!

  9. Oh my wow-ness! you should be very proud of that one. absolutely stunning.

  10. Wow! This is an amazing transformation. You should be super proud of yourself!!

  11. So often, we end up covering wood furniture with paint. It was so inspiring to see you do the opposite! It turned out beautifully!

  12. Absolutely beautiful job, Andrea! I never would have taken the time to uncover that beautiful wood. Call me lazy while I paint it white! lol! But it looks so rich and chic! :)

    Happy MM to you!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  13. Stripping is definitely a lot of work! It always seems to much easier in our heads doesn't it? lol Looks wonderful. Great job!

  14. oh my goodness, that looks fantastic! what a transformation!

  15. WOW! That turned out amazing!

  16. WOW! you did an amazing job restoring that dresser. it looks brand new! it doesn't even look like the same dresser! thanks for linking to my party!

  17. Great transformation! She looks like a cherished antique now. I stripped a piece for my sister many years ago (note the 'many years".) I haven't done it since :)

  18. Ab-so-lutely gorgeous. Love, love, love it.

  19. Oh my! I LOVE that you restored it to it's original potential! The stain is great!

  20. I love it, such character, especially the key holes!

  21. Wow! So much work, but so worth it! It's gorgeous.

  22. Wow, is that the same dresser?? It looks amazing! Definitely worth the time. I love the dark stain! Love it!
    I'd love for you to link up to my Friday link party tomorrow! And, check out my blog for a free blog banner giveaway! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com

  23. That is gorgeous! I'm normally a "paint everything" kind of girl, but dang! Something that pretty can change anyone's mind!

    Well done!

  24. Absolutely Stunning!
    You did an amazing transformation on this old girl! Great job!

  25. this is BEAUTIFUL! And I know just how much work that took. Beautiful restoration and thanks so much for linking it to style feature sat!! -shaunna :)

  26. you have done an amazing job restoring this dresser, simple and elegant looking, its a great addition to a home, i love old furniture as its not only beauiful but more strudy and serves well than new one

  27. i love the way this dresser looks and i would love to use it in my bedroom for storing so many things i have, wooden colored chests are my favorite pieces of furniture with drawers adn cabinets for storage


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