A Different Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving week.
The kids and Brad had the whole week off!
Paige and I went on a girls-overnight getaway. It was fun to have some one on one time with her. She chose to go to Build a Bear workshop and eat at Rosie's Diner. She was very excited about staying in a hotel (ok, so was I!) and swimming in the pool. She's such a sweet, fun-loving girl.

The next night Caleb had a few friends over for his first ever sleepover (I have been informed that it is never a slumber party with boys) to celebrate his birthday. Which was Oct 5th. Better late than never, right? They had so much fun and weren't near the trouble I thought they might be. I kept them fed and they were happy. Boys are so easy sometimes.
I spent 6 hours at the hair salon. To get this.

I really like it. It's so different for me, so it's taken some getting used to. Brad still thinks it's too dark (it's fading, which it's supposed to do). I tweeted a pic of it yesterday and didn't get much response. Maybe everyone agrees with Brad. Maybe no one cares either way.
We used paper plates for Thanksgiving. It was almost physically painful for me to forgo a pretty tablesetting. I made a pretty centerpiece and decided to go with it. I was so glad I did. I realized that I am the host and the host sets the tone for the day. I was relaxed and so was everyone else. And clean up was a breeze.
We set up our Christmas tree on Friday. The kids seemed more anxious than ever to help. It's a slow process which led to some frustrations. In the end we have a pretty tree and happy kids. We finished the night with our annual watching of "Elf". I love laughing with my family.
Brad's dad came in for the weekend. I always find comfort in having family stay with us. This time was no different.
We went to see the Muppets! So funny. You should go. And go with some friends who remember watching them as a kid. Because your kids won't.
Meh-nah Meh-nah.
I didn't take many pictures (Emma did, so if there are some amazing ones I'll be sure to share. That's if I can ever find my camera) I was in my pjs most of the week, so I thought I would spare you the evidence *wink*. I was also really deliberate about slooooowing down and not stressing out. That meant things weren't always pretty or put together.
And I was just kinda lazy and didn't feel like taking pictures. But I did spend good, quality time with these precious people who are my family and friends.
It was a truly thankful, Thanksgiving.


  1. Andrea...sounds as though you had the perfect Thanksgiving!! We always enjoy the food but it's the family and company that make it such a great time...well..I think, anyways. :)

    I love your hair...it looks great. I so need to do "something" with mine but it's hard to cover all this gray..LOL!!

  2. Sounds like a great time, and well spent. Your hair looks Beautiful, It will take Brad some time just like when I put Blond in mine and Rob thought it was to light. In the end he will most likley love it. I think is look great :)

  3. I like it! I am getting ready to go darker too. Hope my family likes mine! Last time I was dark was when we first moved here and I came out of the bathroom and J said I looked like a witch. hmmmmmm we'll see. :)

  4. um. I told you that your hair was awesome.
    and I'm glad you went with paper plates.

    you. are a favorite of mine.

  5. That's an awesome and a perfect thanks giving..


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