Can I? Should I?

You know that giddy, excited feeling you get in your tummy? I have that right now. Because I just saw this...

I am so done with our carpet (I almost typed "crapet"...hmmmm. That might describe it better). It has kid stains and sticky gooey spots. It has animal stains from days gone by. It has some new, pink candle wax stains. It's a dingy gray compared to the lighter beige it's supposed to be.

The issue is that it's a rather large space, our main living areas. So, new flooring would be a pretty chunk of change.

The carpet runs into the kitchen. The flooring in there is a whole other issue...linoleum. Ripping and pulling up.

So, what if we did it? What if we ripped it all up and just painted the subflooring? Aaaaahhhh. How about a dark, espresso?

What do you think, Honey????


  1. A dark espresso with some area rugs thrown over? Oh, Andrea... I say go for it... but it's not my house. (Neither is the one we live in, which is why we can't do it here, either.) =^) If you need help, you have my number!

  2. ACK!!!!! omg I would love to do that to our house! We have "crapet" too. It's old and faded and dingy and I think it's original from the 70's. That looks so beautiful! If you do it, you will probably inspire me to do it! Go for it. You are crafty enough to pull this off and have fun doing it :D

    -Traci B.

  3. its also amazing how many germs hide in carpet!! You may discover a healthier family if you remove it?! You should so do it!! We have pergot(sp?)floors in all except our room & the kids rooms. Its great!
    The down side is that carpet does absorb sound, so your household will be louder when the kids are rumbling around. I notice that a lot - esp when the dog barks (echoes). Nonetheless, we're ready to get rid of all the carpet we can too!

  4. When we took up the floors in our bathroom, I told James that I wanted that exact color tile. The plywood floors looked really cool! and btw, have you heard how LaJean Hertel removed her carpet after the first Back Yard Bible Club brought rainy days and mud? It turned out that there were beautiful wood floors under there that someone else had covered up. ???? maybe???

  5. Love it and the dark will look awesome. We have all wood floors up stairs and love it sooo much better then carpet. so easy to clean and just gives you that fresh feeling. Would love to help you if you need it :)

  6. Espresso gets my vote!!!

  7. I had the same thought several years ago, after watching "Trading spaces" where they did this. Problem was that our subfloor wasn't in the greatest shape, and would've taken forever to sand/fill and fix all the creeks. I say at least pull back a corner to see what kind of condition it's in. Like the other blog - it could just be a temporary fix until you do laminate or hardwoods...


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