Safari in {Uganda}

After our crazy, wonderful first day (which was really day 4 if you include travel), we left Lira early for Murchison Falls.

Murchison Falls is where the Nile River forcefully pushes through a canyon, creating a breathtaking view.

Our hotel was a lodge which overlooked a calmer part of the river.

The entire two days, I was just so in awe of God and His amazing creation.

We drove and saw many animals including giraffe, elephant, many species of antelope, warthogs, buffalo, baboons and different birds.

Some of my favorite are these large Obsidian Hornbill. They mate for life...awww...

At one point we watched this guy walk straight to our bus and pass in front of us.

I loved seeing all of these animals in their natural habitat. My heart races just writing about it. There is such a peace about these animals...like they all know the order of things and what their purpose is. So unlike me on some days...

Early on our second day, I walked out onto the patio of our room to watch the sunrise. I was so taken by the sounds of all the insects and birds. I decided to video it and this is what happened (make sure your sound is turned on!)...

Crazy, right! I later learned that the hippos were out for feeding and that no, he wasn't interested in eating ME. He was just expressing his thanks for a full tummy...I think...??

The second day we boarded a two-decker boat for a cruise down the Nile.

We saw many hippos, crocodiles, buffalo and birds...

We ended the cruise by hiking to the top of the falls. This was by far one of the best experiences of my life. We were soaked by the time we got to the top. The rapids are so strong!

I am again just so humbled and amazed at the adventures that God takes me on! I am so thankful and excited for more!

All day, I had this song going through my head...

It was truly an amazing experience.

Next week I'll be sharing about our ministry in Kampala! See you then!

Photos courtesy of some wonderful team members...Krista Bobo, Jonathan Moos, Katherine Houghson, Jeremiah Skuya and Caleb Parsley


  1. Oh my! That looks like an amazing trip to a fantastic place.
    I can't imagine what it would be been like. You are blessed to have gone.
    Btw, you take great pics.

    1. Thanks, Amanda! It really was amazing. I wish I could take credit for the pics, but they were shared by some of our team members. But THEY do take great pics!


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