{31 Lessons Learned the Hard Way}

A new series. Or I should say, my first series! Some of my life lessons...mommy lessons, wifey lessons, ministry lessons, and some not so serious lessons. Mondays and Wednesdays. (Yikes! Now that I've said it I have to do it, huh?) I have been challenged to write these down and it's one of the hardest, scariest things I've ever agreed to do. I am going to be honest, transparent, real. I'm going to write and say some things that may seem familiar to you, some that you've experienced yourself. I'm also going to share stories, feelings and emotions that I've never said publicly before.

Will you join me? Read along and feel free to share your thoughts as we go (right down there at the bottom of the post, by click on the "comments").

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I'll still be sharing about other topics...my Uganda posts and home projects and occasionally just events and craziness from around our home. So it won't ALWAYS be hard stuff!

Ok! There it is!


Lesson 1~Fake Christianity Isn't Worth It 
Lesson 2~It Goes Beyond Skinny 
Lesson 3~Nobody's Above the Fall 
Lesson 4~The Work is About the People
Lesson 5~God is the Ultimate Family Planner Part 1
Lesson 6~God is the Ultimate Family Planner Part 2 
Lesson 7~Let the Kids Speak for Themselves 
Lesson 8~Imperfection is Worth the Help
Lesson 9~My Life is My Offering
Lesson 10~An Open Door is Better 
Lesson 11~Give Up
Lesson 12~I'm the Thermostat Part 1
Lesson 13~I'm the Thermostat Part 2
Lesson 14~There are More Stars in the Sky 
Lesson 15~A Little Absence is Good 
Lesson 16~A Little Headache Goes a Long Way
Lesson 17~The Balance of the People Pendulum
Lesson 18~How I Found Myself in Uganda Part 1 
Lesson 19~How I Found Myself in Uganda Part 2 
Lesson 20~Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh
Lesson 21~We Are Family
Lesson 22~We're Meant to Walk in the Light 
Lesson 23~The Right Man is Worth the Wait
Lesson 24~God Has Mercy on Indecisive Guys
Lesson 25~To Thank Him in All Seasons 
Lesson 26~The Good Guy Always Wins 
Lesson 27~Sometimes the Answer is No
Lesson 28~The Best Gift I Can Give

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  1. I look forward to reading about the things you just described.
    I guess it might sound weird that I want to read about a person's 'hard lessons', but, I do, bcs life is hard, and I can use all the help I can get! Mama, Wifey, Ministry, Woman issues.....it's all intertwined.



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