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One thing that was so fun about our team this year was that it was made up of worship leaders. We had choir members and band members and some who are very comfortable leading on their own. This allowed us the opportunity to participate in church and worship services. On our only Sunday in country, we split the team in the morning.

Half of us went to Christian Life Church. This is the church that runs the two orphanages we visited. The day we were there they were having a "barbecue" for the church members. They fed thousands of people...people who may not otherwise have had a meal that day. We had the opportunity to share a few songs and testimonies during worship. Our church has a lot of history with this church and we are always so excited to connect with them.

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The other half of our team spent the morning at Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic Church. This church was so incredibly hospitable and warm in their interactions with our team. They arranged for our lodging, meals and all of our transportation. I knew from our interactions over email that these were some amazing people and they definitely didn't disappoint. Their passion for the Lord and desire to reach people (especially children) all over Uganda made such an impact on our team.

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Our team joined back together after lunch and spent the evening worshiping at Redeemed. It was such an amazing night. We had our team (including our children) and their team together on the stage. Their choir joined with our choir. Our band members joined with theirs. We danced (they can DANCE!) and sang and shared stories. At one point during the night, I almost forgot we were in Uganda, worshiping with people from another culture. There was such a comfort and a unity that night. It was definitely a night I will remember forever.

I couldn't help but think that's what heaven will be like...all different people from all different nations and parts of the world...all united in vision and purpose and heart and spirit....

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Join me next week as I share about our time on Bussi Island...a remote Island in the middle of Lake Victoria. For many of these people, our children were the first white kids they'd ever seen! Our time there was soo fun and wonderful...I can't wait to tell you about it!


photo credit 1~Krista Bobo 
photo credit 2~Angela White

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  1. WE DID IT! WE DID IT!!!!! I just posted and immediately came over here to see if you had, too. God is so awesome. And YOU are amazing. This made me all emotional. The pictures... the videos... seeing Brit and Emma jumping up and down after Counting on God. Oh, my heart!!! I love that we got to experience this together.

    Marching forward...


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