Seeta, {Uganda}

After traveling all over the country and seeing so many amazing sights and meeting so many wonderful people, we headed to our final destination, Seeta.

We spent the majority of our time at Adventure Village, an orphanage housing around 1000 orphans.

You may remember we went there last year.

I got to see the kids that laid claim to my heart a year ago...

 Farida and Hanifah...

 and many more that I love so much. Enoch, Anet...too many to name here.

I made some new friends...

It was so wonderful to see my husband love these kids. Many of them have no earthly father and while Brad isn't a substitute, it's so good for them to receive love from a man.

Caleb and Emma had so much fun here. They played with the kids and chased chickens. They really enjoyed the slowing and the freedom to run around.

Our pace during these 5 days was much slower and we really just focused on the kids and the mums.

We worked on a brick perimeter fence that will surround the orphanage and provide protection for the children.

 We hung mosquito nets.

Mostly, though, this part of the trip was highly relational...planting seeds and creating moments for these orphans to hold on to when they feel alone and abandoned.

To be able to hug an orphan, pray over them and tell them Jesus loves them...well, I can't even put into words how very emotional and fulfilling and heartbreaking this is.

It affected our entire team and many of us were brought to tears when it was time to say goodbye. Our hearts are knit with theirs and I pray that they remember the love that we showed them, even when we can't physically be with them. How precious these children are. My only comfort comes from knowing that He loves them far more than I can imagine. So when they are sad, sick, hungry, cold, lonely, discouraged...He will send them a Comforter. I pray that He will use the short time we spent with them to bring hope.

I wish I could end this post happy and "up" and with encouragement for your day. What we experienced...although we laugh and love, much of it is heartbreaking and hard. These children are proof of the fallen world that we live in...they are the innocent who are suffering. Will you join me and pray for them? Will you consider sponsoring a child? If we each were to do our part~only what the Lord directs you to do~we could radically change the life of a child. Maybe you are one who supported our team in going. Maybe you are planning a trip yourself. Any and all of these are wonderful. Thank you for giving...for loving...it does not go unnoticed and I have had the privilege to see first hand the impact that these actions make in the life of a child.

On behalf of the abandoned and forgotten, THANK YOU.


Photos once again provided by our team members: Krista Bobo, Angela White, Cameron Daniels and Katherine Hughson


  1. Andrea,
    I love your heart for these kids and I feel the same! You put into words what I often find so hard to articulate to others who haven't been to the orphanage. Those kids have touched a special place in my heart and I'm so glad we are able to go and show them love even though it's only for a few days. I remember when I left last summer, I just had to remind myself, like you were saying, that God is their comforter and he loves them so much more than we could.
    The way you love those kids is so obvious in the way you talk about them and I think that love is going to inspire others to get involved. I so wish I could have gone with you this summer, but hopefully next year I'll be able to see those kids again! Thank you for your post!

  2. ^^^ This is Olivia, by the way. That last post was mine. ;)


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