Change of Plans

I planned to spend the month of January catching up on projects I kept putting off due to the holidays...

I was going to paint our living room and/or kitchen

I was going to clean out and organize our storage room

I was going to make a sabbatical garland out of the pine cones I collected during our sabbatical

I was going to host a going away party for my dear BIL and SIL

I was going to create a sense of calm and order after the craziness of the holidays

All of this changed this week when this happened.

I am now awaiting a phone call lining out the plan of action for repairing our attic/ceiling/roof mold problem. At the very least, the house will be torn up for a while. We are probably going to have to move out while they tear up our ceiling and remove all the mold-infested insulation.

I'll be honest and say that I lost it yesterday. I boo-hoo-ed for a while, overwhelmed at going through a process I don't want to go through. The idea of paying for things we can't afford was too much for me. My patient husband hugged me and took his turn being the optimist (a duty we have shared over the last several years as we have experienced some unexpected and sometimes ridiculous-almost-humorous events). I know God is faithful. I know He sees us and will meet and exceed our needs. But, I am human and doubt creeps in sometimes.

After my meltdown, I opened my computer to the news of Haiti. Boy, did it all come into perspective. When I think about the challenges I have as a mother compared to what the mothers in Haiti are going through, I feel foolish at my despair. It is suddenly very easy to count my blessings.

May we always remember that our blessings far outweigh our struggles. May we always remember that, even in the midst of our challenges, we always have something to give. What can you give today?


  1. well written and well said!! Grace & peace to you guys as you adjust to this "temporary affliction" My aunt & uncle had this happen to them, but the mold was making them sick. So its good that you're taking care of it..you'll be healthier! =)Does your home insurance cover it?

  2. Sorry :( Even when much more tragic things are happening around the globe it doesn't change the reality of what lies before you....but it does put it into perspective, doesn't it? If there's anything we can do to lighten your load in some way let me know.

  3. That's no fun at all - but Thea said it. Our reality may be put in perspective, but it doesn't make it easy, for sure. Hope the work, and all that comes with it, goes smoothly and quickly. On the otherhand - way to be ambitious with your original list of to-do items! wow!


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