We had a leak in our kitchen a few weeks ago. There was a long strip in the ceiling that was bubbling and dripping water. Not good!

After several tries to find out what's causing it, we (the work crew, not me or Brad!) decided to just get started cleaning out all the wet insulation in the "attic". I suffered through 5 hours of very loud banging yesterday.
At one point, Brad was sitting at the piano in our living room, working on choir arrangements for our upcoming choir album (woohoo!! more on that later). There was a very loud bang with a crack in the ceiling right over his head!! I commented on how horrible it would have been if that guy would have fallen on his head. Brad went out to remind the work crew to be more careful. We didn't need any more damage done to the house!
A little while later Aimee, my SIL, came to drop off Paige from school. The kids were playing, so I was taking her in to show her my freshly painted bathroom. While we were in there we heard a very loud cracking, banging, crashing sound. She grabbed my arm as we were trying to figure out what was going on. We walked into the next room to find a huge hole in my kitchen ceiling and a guy sitting on my floor, covered in insulation and drywall. Craziness!!

I looked at Aimee and said "a guy just fell through my ceiling". A guy just fell through my ceiling!! I just kept saying it. It was so strange!

Thankfully, the guy was ok. He was pretty pale and thought he broke his toe. I was so thankful it was only his toe! It could have been so much worse.

He sat for a few minutes and after he settled down, he realized his toe was ok. Wow.
I just couldn't believe what had happened!
So, I currently have a guy repairing the ceiling. I have the roofer outside checking things out (hopefully, he'll do the honorable thing and fix the problem!!). Soon, there will be lots of banging for me to endure. And hopefully no one will fall through my ceiling today!

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  1. OK, if this was me I know I would NOT be laughing, but I'm sorry to say that I am sitting here laughing. Andrea! - a guy fell through your ceiling!! WHO has a guy fall through their ceiling!?! Oh my gosh - that is just crazy! Hope it gets fixed soon (and sorry to hear about the mold - is it from the leak?)


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